Allen Haw overlooks a Site of Special Scientific Interest for the underground river system of Upper Dentdale. The whole of Whernside – one of the three peaks – is also a SSSI. The characteristic features of the limestone geology provides fascinating footpath walks along the River Dee, which runs along the bottom of the valley. The Dales way long distance footpath runs down Dentdale, and there are numerous footpaths upwards over the fells.

You can zoom into Allen Haw on the Google map below by hitting the plus sign several times

Allen Haw is the rectangular shaped building to the left (west) of the ‘Dent Brewery’ marker, just along from a big sycamore tree in the front pasture hedgerow. The brewery is in fact in the outbuildings of the Hollins which is directly west of Allen Haw. The marker is a mistake by Google.